20 SEP 2014

We are pleased to announce the next generation Brighter3D – the major 2.0 version.
This new stage in Brighter3D’s evolution is based on several innovations and user experience improvements, which we hope will make your renderings a snap. Well, of course rendering is a quality game, but in this respect, we empowered you in this version with tools and algorithms which will truly make your efforts a breeze.

What’s up:
• A new, innovative, Unbiased Progressive Rendering Mode (UPRM) which allows you to render a preview in some seconds and then in iterative steps, a great image in minutes. You can then stop the rendering when the quality suits you for the purpose – a bright and smart way of rendering!
• A completely new way of mapping a HDR Environment Map, which makes you feel like you are inside the scene. It matches your scene not only with Rotation, but also with Pan/Move.
• Capability to load HDR/EXR images in Effects Studio (PRO Version only).
• Capability to scale HDR maps (PRO Version only). An excellent way to make truly realistic renderings by matching scale of objects with the environment.
• Lights now have Temperature in Kelvins. You can mix different temperature lights in a scene, giving a touch of authenticity and realism.
• New Shadow Catcher material, which can fine-tune a shadow in a given scene at unprecedented realistic levels.
• New Faces Rotation Tool. Previously, Brighter3D attempted to automatically fix wrongly oriented faces in Sketchup – an widespread known problem in Sketchup in conjunction with rendering programs. Now this tool is doing its job on a user voluntary command, giving full control to the final result in an efficient way.
• Full direct animation from Sketchup Tabs, with Parametric Animation.
Supports: Keyframe Animation, and any other animation plugin that can export to Tabs)
• Tweaks in the user interface graphics and experience.
• IMPORTANT! All these new gems are given as a free upgrade for all PRO Version users!

As mentioned, from this version Brighter3D is no longer fixing wrong oriented faces on the fly, you will need to take care of that by yourself.

We’ve prepared a video with the new features, please enjoy in Full HD @1080 below:

2:58 PM Saturday, 20 September 2014 (UTC) (update 2.0.2)
– caustics for regular method
– color of daylight background
– automatic check for updates (once a day)

14 NOV 2014

Brighter3D outdoor rendering
– support for transparent textures
– support for textured glass color propagation
– problem with locking SketchUp keyboard shortcuts with brighter window opened is now fixed
– possibility to scale hdr map horizontal view angle
– transform all transparent materials into default glass (new menu option)

5:01 PM Friday, 06 June 2014 (UTC) (update 1.16.1)
– transparent textures loading crash fix
– installer: SU version selection
– installer: checks if SU is open during installation process

11:33 PM Sunday, 22 June 2014 (UTC) (update 1.16.2)
– common options in tone mappers: dither and vignetting
– new effect: bloom