How to start

How to start using Brighter3D

1) Make sure you have SketchUp installed,

you may download the free version from the SketchUp download page

(if you have an earlier version it is recommended to upgrade to SketchUp 8 or 2013)

2) With SketchUp closed download and install the Brighter3D plugin from this page

3) Run SketchUp

4) Open the sample scene

5) Select Plugins->Brighter3D->Settings from main menu

Press Medium button

6) Render the image by selecting Render button

7) During rendering you may adjust exposure by moving the mouse wheel

8) When rendering finishes you may save image as jpeg or png by clicking the right mouse button on the image and choosing from

Save As… menu

9) Optional: select Plugins->Brighter3D->Tone Mapping to adjust final tone mapping (you may also do it during rendering, or when rendering finishes)


How to light up your own scene

1) Open your scene

2) Select an area/object that will be a light

3) Select the paint bucket

Fill with one of the predefined Brighter3D light materials


Alternatively you can open Plugins->Brighter3D->Material Editor and turn one of your materials into a light emitter.


4) Select  Plugins->Brighter3D->Render menu option

You should see:

Also, check forum tutorials